Monday, October 1, 2012

Crazy Birthday Party

My family and I have been Cavite residents for quite some time now and my life here has been the most perfect chaos ever, thanks to my ever crazy best friends Rocel, Roquelle and Roma. I love these girls so much, they are the craziest bunch that I have ever met.

Last Friday was Roma's birhday but her family celebrated it last night and we had a blast! Although it was not as long as what we've been celebrating for the past few years, still we had fun because we got together again. It was her 20th birthday and we were so happy that we made her feel special because she was really exhausted with her activities at school and the simple gestures that we made for her had such a great effect on her. I even made a crazy spoof of Selena Gomez's Love You Like a Love Song which was really embarrassing.

Here are the photos that we had last night.

(yummy food!)

(the gorgeous birthday celebrant)

(from left to right: Me, Rocel & Roquelle)

(from left to right: Tito Romeo, Rocel, Roquelle, Me, Theresa, Roma, Tita Joy, Jocelyn)

(the CRAZY RoRoRoKa girls)

( Julz, Rocel, Tita Joy, Roma, Abi & Me)

(Rocel, Me, Roquelle, Roma & Julz)

(while singing our asses off)

So I am too lazy to explain everything because the photos says it all. We had a blast and hoping to have more of this soon. Happy birthday gorgeous!

Thank you so much for reading my post loves, stay fab!

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