Sunday, September 16, 2012

The Humble Jarmaine

She is one of my all time favorite YouTube gurus and that is not just because she is quirky and smart but she is also a Filipina. Her name is Jarmaine  (this is her vlog channel) and I really love her humility. She recently came out with new videos about getting to know her better and I loved watching every single one of them. Her latest was may favorite because she talked about a lot of things especially about her being a beauty guru.

She basically answers everything that her Twitter followers ask her. I love the humility in every answer that she says and how very detailed and expressive she can be when explaining it. Everything about her is so awesome and she is so down to earth. There are a few Asian beauty guru on YouTube but she is definitely my number one when it comes to heart-to-heart type of videos. She is just GREAT and you should all subscribe to her channels, both vlog and beauty channels.

I also love Heart and Judy who are both Filipinas too. I will post something about them soon, but first I will be focusing on the gorgeous Jarmaine.

This is her latest "Get to know me" video, you guys enjoy watching.

Thank you so much for reading loves, stay fab!


  1. Love Jermaine! <3 Oh, and check out itsjudytime and thatsheart. They're both Filipina. :)


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