Friday, September 14, 2012

New Beauty Guru

I have been obsessing with YouTube beauty gurus and I have learned a lot just by watching their videos. I mostly follow Asian or better yet Filipino beauty gurus on Youtube just like Heart, Jen, Jarmaine, Ann and Chriselle. I have learned a lot from makeup tutorials, to DIYs, to outfit ideas and many others.

I have been browsing YouTube just today and I saw this beauty guru and I was surprised that she was doing tutorials in our native language which is Tagalog. I immediately browsed through her site and saw her tutorials, reviews and demos and subscribed to her right away. She uses brands that are sold locally which is a plus because I will be able to buy those and try them myself. Her name is Say and her YouTube channel is Hair & Makeup by Say Tioco Artillero.

This is one of her videos that I really liked, this will help me with my super sparse eyebrows.

The next beauty guru that I randomly found on YouTube is Judy of ItsJudyTime. She is fun and quirky and she is a Filipina, that is why I also subscribed to her channel. She is pregnant now and she is the cutest pregnant lady that I have ever seen. She is a beautiful sun-kissed lady and her channel has so much in it and I am learning a lot. I even saw her video with say that focuses on Philippine makeup and they made a haul about it, it was fun watching both of them.

This was one of her latest videos and this is such a helpful video.

You should try watching their videos too, you will learn a lot. Thank you for reading loves and stay fab!


  1. I've been watching make-up tutorials lately and this post is helpful :)

    Daughter of Summer,

    1. thank you so much dear .
      i followed you on bloglovin .


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