Saturday, August 25, 2012

Ballet Flat Frenzy

I have always loved wearing ballet flats ever since because they are comfortable and you can pair it with anything. Now that I am starting a new career as a Technical Support Representative at TeleTech Roxas, I would want to feel more comfortable walking to work.

To start off, wearing short skirts and dresses at work are strictly prohibited so I will be wearing pants most of the time. I wouldn't wanna be caught wearing my Converse High Tops everyday, I would still want to wear ballet flats just to bring out the femininity of an outfit.

I have been watching ThatsHeart's channel on YouTube and she keeps on showing off her beautiful ballet flats from Tory Burch. I adore her ballet flats and would want to have something similar to those. I would want a pair in black and in tan for the round tipped ballet flats because it looks like doll's shoes. I would also want a pair of pointed flats to add a chic sense to an outfit.

I know that Tory Burch is an expensive brand so I would want to find a cheaper alternative or maybe buy one pair from that brand and buy the rest in different stores. It's an essential for a girl to have a pair of ballet flats with her, especially at times when we're wearing high heels and wants to give our feet a break from wearing heels so we use our handy dandy flats.

Another item to be added on my wishlist, I hope I could buy all of them and save money at the same time.

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