Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Gift Ideas for Him or Her

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Here are gift ideas for your significant other. These are budget friendly gifts that you can definitely be proud of.
I restarted my Pinterest account and I have seen many DIY tips and tricks. It inspired me to make this post and I know that y'all are going to love them. I know that I would want a meaningful gift for someone whom I really like. Sometimes it is the thought that counts when giving a gift. It doesn't have to be expensive, branded or wrapped in something fancy.

The first gift idea that I found is a booklet of 52 things that you like or love about your partner. You can write all the things that made you fall for that person. It can be as cheesy or as random as you want. Make sure that every turn of the page will make that person giggle.

You can definitely make a SPA trio for him or her. Set a date for you to get yourselves pampered at home and let them know that you made these for them. The more effort that you give to someone will make them like you more.

This is such an awesome DIY. Who doesn't like coffee, tea or hot cocoa? I know I love drinking these and with a pretty mug or cup, it makes the experience better. Why not personalize a mug for him or her so that they can think of you while they sip that warm goodness.

You can also make a homemade bubbling bath salts that will be an essential in their bathroom. You can choose the scent and the color of the bath salts. Make sure that the things that you choose are her or his favorite. Place it in a pretty container like a mason jar, which you can DIY as well.

The last gift idea that I will be listing down are apothecary products. I was able to browse through the Small Flower website and they have awesome products. They have gift ideas for both men and women focusing on toiletries and bath essentials. They have a large assortment of products that are within your budget. You can check their site to see the wide array of their products. They have pretty candles too, if that is what your partner is into.

I hope that this will help you especially if your partner's birthday, or your anniversary, is coming up. I had fun picking the things that I will include in here. Thank you so much for reading. God bless all of you.

"Love is a possession. It’s something that you own from the layers of people in your life. But if my life were a cake it would be un-layered, unbaked, missing ingredients. I isolated myself too soundly to own anyone’s love."
— Anonymous

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