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The Perfect Bag for your Outfit

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Good day my dear readers!

Today is yet another day to feature products from an online store, this time I will be posting some of the bags they sell. I am going to be doing a feature on some of the stylish and fab bags from Zalora. They have a lot of products not just for women but for men too. I adore bags and since they offer a wide variety of items I browsed through their collections and chose my favorites. I will pair these with outfits that I put together using Polyvore. For this post the main focus will be the bags that I chose from their collection, I hope that you will enjoy reading this.

Let me start with their Satchel collection, I chose this collection first because I prefer satchels too. The first item is from Something Borrowed Accessories and it is a satchel with metal buckle. It reminded me of what I used to bring with me when I was in college. The color goes well with anything, and this is such a classic piece. The dimension of the bag is 10.5" x 3.5" x 7.8" (length x width x height). It is made from synthetic leather and the strap is adjustable to your liking. The feature of the bag that I loved the most is that it will fit a laptop which a lot of bloggers really need, especially when travelling.


A satchel reminds me going to school that is why I decided to put together an outfit that made me think of school. I know that most schools here in the Philippines don't have uniforms and this is one outfit that I would wear. A hip crop top (that is not too short, you don't want your belly button hanging out) and a black skater skirt. These ankle boots are comfy and stylish at the same time.


Second bag from this collection is from Ezra which is a new brand for me, It comes in black and red. I chose the black one because I just love black. It is a small satchel which is perfect for hanging out at the mall or strolls at the park. You can put your make up and phone or even a digital camera. It has one main pocket and three sub pockets inside. It comes with an adjustable strap as well which is what I am always looking for whenever I am buying a bag.

Hanging out with friends? This look definitely fit you perfectly, paired with this cute little satchel you will surely turn heads.



I am a petite girl but I love using Tote bags. This particular bag caught my attention and it is David Jones' White Shoulder Bag which is perfection. I have been looking for something that is similar to this. I am fond of bringing a lot of things with me and this bag can surely cater to my needs. The handles are sturdy since they are made with leather and the contrast of the brown with the white bag is very chic. In this list, this is the bag that I love the most.

Sorry if the template has a Christmas design, just ignore it. Anyways, this outfit is what I usually wear at work, especially when I am too lazy to dress up.



The next tote is a Nautical Striped Bag from Spring Fling. This bag comes in three colors but I chose the one in red because it is striking. It will surely be a perfect companion at the beach, since it is summer in the Philippines. I love stripes too (most of my shirts have stripes) and this will definitely a statement bag for me since it has bold red stripes.



I am imagining this with a flowy white maxi dress, I will totally go with this look. A pair of sandals, a floppy hat and wooden bracelets, you are ready to hit the beach. Here is the look that I put together that will go well with the bag.

From their Backpack collection, I chose this polka dot bag from Jansport. As you all know I love polka dots and this is very much up my alley. This is a huge bag which is perfect for people who loves travelling or hiking. This will fit towels, clothes and other travel essentials. The bag comes in different colors and prints too.

If you are going to do some trekking and going on long trips with friends and/or family, you must bring things that are essential for such travels. This bag is the perfect company, so is a comfortable outfit.



The second bag from the collection is the Cava Bags Studded Zipper Backpack. I love the studs which makes it very edgy. This will really add a rock vibe to an outfit, for example a skater skirt and a crop top or a pencil skirt with a soft button-down shirt.


The last collection are the Clutches that Zalora offers. To start this one of, I chose this unique Lip Clutch from the brand Queen Street. This reminds me of Anne Curtis. It comes in different colors and is perfect for those who love quirky finds. This is small enough to fit your phone in and is very handy indeed.


Last item on my list is this Armpit Shoulder Bag from Spring Fling. These clutches come in a variety or colors and prints. This particular one caught my eye because it reminds me of peppermint candies which are my favorites. I just love the color of this clutch, I don't usually clutches but I would have to rethink about this one since it has pretty stripes.
I had fun browsing through the wide array of products that Zalora offers. I hope that this post helped those who are looking for bags that will suit their wants and needs. Thank you so much lovely roses.

God bless you and stay gorgeous!

"When a person is in fashion, all they do is right."
— Lord Chesterfield


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  3. Great post!! Difficult to pick a favorite! But that lip shaped clutch is really adorable! :D

    x Aurélie


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