Sunday, March 23, 2014

OOTD: Using a Dress as a Top

|another photo heavy post|

Running out of ideas on what to wear?

Just like everybody else, even though we have tons of clothes to wear we still tend to say, "I don't have anything to wear" or "What should I wear next?" We are complicated beings, am I right? That is why I reuse, remix& revamp my outfits. I don't know if you haven't noticed but this is my first outfit of the day post for this year, I don't have anybody to take a photo of me that is why this is my first one for this year.

I bought this cute dress from Cookies 'n Cream inside 168 Divisoria Mall last month. It was sold for 200php, yes you've read it right. I wore it once at the office but it was too short for me that is why I decided to use it as a top this morning when we went to church to hear the mass. I love the spikes around the sleeves but it is poking me though. It is in cream, but it comes in different colors. The hem of the dress has cutouts that are so classy. You can wear it with pumps, flats or even gladiators. I paired the dress with my made-to-order skirt in pink. I just felt like they looked good together. Lastly, for shoes I used my cream ballet flats. I bought bows since the emblem on it fell of so I needed something to cover the holes. (and yes the bows are inverted)

|flats from 168 Divisoria Mall; bows from Saizen/Daiso|

Here are the photos that my dad took, well I asked him nicely since. The car was next to the mini park near the chapel where we heard the mass. It was a good thing that there were no people there. I gained a lot of weight since I started working at Sykes, I hated it but my dad was nice enough to take the photos for me, so thanks dad!

|ugh! my arms look ENORMOUS|

|my super fab mum|

I did overnight curls as well, it is a good thing that it worked the second time since the first time that I did the same method, I was in a hurry that is why it did not set to the way that I wanted my hair to be. I used the method that Bubz did on her video. They were easy to sleep in since I used socks. Here is the link to her video:

I used coral colors on my face. Since I would want to achieve a sun-kissed fresh look, I did not put any eyeliner on, just loads of mascara. For my foundation, I used Ever Bilena Pro Flawless Finish Foundation in Oriental for a light to medium coverage and I set it with Ever Bilena Face Powder in Honey. I used Maybelline New York Blush Studio Cheeky Glow in Fresh Coral on the apples of my cheek using my Marionnaud N32 angled blush brush. The lipstick that I used is Avon Vitaluscious Lipstick in O01 Vita Pink. Since I didn't use any eyeliner, I curled my lashes with my Avon eyelash curler and then loaded up my lashes with Let's Face It Volume Up & Waterproof Mascara. To frame my face, I drew my brows on using the eyebrow pencil that I bought from Saizen. To set all of my makeup I used Urban Decay by Skindinavia De-Slick Makeup Setting Spray.

Pardon my camwhoring. These were taken on our way home from the chapel.

Thank you so much for reading this post my dear roses. God bless all of you and stay gorgeous!

"Elegance is not the prerogative of those who have just escaped from adolescence, but of those who have already taken possession of their future."
— Coco Chanel


  1. This is a great post! ^^ I love your style~ thank you for the nice idea<3
    --Kiyomi xx

  2. whew! pretty! I love the colors of your outfit dear Keyti <3
    and your mom looks gorgeous too :))

    love lots,


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