Tuesday, May 28, 2013

How to Recover from a Heartbreak

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Pain, it is part of life. Love, it is part of being alive. Pain and love are somewhat connected. In my story, they coincide and I've been there and I know that most of us did. Love is such a strong feeling and we get so excited to fall but when we get hurt we curse it and we wished that it never happened.

I came out fresh from a heartache. It was for a relationship that lasted for almost three (3) years. It is a lesbian relationship. Funny how I lasted that long with someone that is full of lies. She had girlfriends even though we're together, even had an affair with a man just for money. I never realized how stupid I was until the day we broke up. I felt freedom and it was good.

I have learned a lot in that relationship. I became a lesbian because of it as well. I learned to love myself and open myself up to people. I was more vocal and I became true to myself. There were discoveries made in my journey and I am glad that I was able to realize things. I was more sensitive about people's feelings, became more responsible and mature in a way.

What I did to recover? I made myself more focused in work and less for anything else. I also focused on my family and my cats because there are my only source of strength. This experience made me fear and trust God more. I talk to Him and raise everything to Him if I am not sure about what to do. I also spend time making blog entries to keep my mind off of unnecessary things. I also learned to trust my friends and listen to their suggestions and advice. They are my counsel. The breakup made me a stronger and grow to be better person.

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My advice? (1) Mind over matter. Do not think about it as pain but an opportunity to grow more as a person. Everything happens for a reason and that reason is to make you love yourself more. (2) Love your family and focus on them. A boyfriend or girlfriend can come and go but your family will stay forever. They loved you all your life even before that someone came into your life. They will forever be there for you. (3) Develop a hobby. Make blogs, do photography, draw or cook, whatever it may be as long as it can keep your mind off of that painful past, DO IT. (4) Talk to someone. To ease your pain, talk to someone, may it be a friend or in my case I learned to talk to my college's guidance counselor before and it helped me a lot. A trusted is a good start, they are always ready to listen and embrace you in times like this. (5) Pray. God never gives a challenge that you can't overcome. He is will always be there to guide you all the way. Trust Him and He will lead the way.

I know that it is not that easy to stand up from something as bad as a breakup but come to think of it, you lived without that person before you met and everything went well, you can overcome everything. This may not be an expert advice but am just sharing what I did to cope with it. We share things to friends and I consider all of you as my friends and I thank all of you for reading this entry. May God bless all of you.

Any advice on how to deal with a breakup? Share your ideas here loves.

Stay fab!


  1. Oh my! I didn't know you're still awake at this hour sis :))
    I love your article dear,something so true
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    1. thanks dear.
      i will join.

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  4. This is well-written! Love it :)

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    1. thank you so much dear.
      i will check your blog.

  6. I see you love cats a lot. I'm reading your past cats post and they're just so adorable. You're very much fortunate to have them help you recover. Breakups always hurt but I'm glad you don't have to endure an unhealthy relationship anymore. From now, it can only get better, and it will start hurting less and less.

    1. yes dear.
      my cats have been my strength and they are
      the reason why i became who i am now.
      i am better because of them.

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  8. opportunity to grow more as a person. - i agree
    keyti its nice to see someone turn a painful experience into something positive. :) i wish you all the happiness in the world. God bless :D

    1. glad that i was able to inspire people.
      i know how hard it is to be hurt
      and experience such but thanks to all of you
      i became a stronger person.


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