Monday, February 18, 2013

So Not a Gentleman

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In a train, a bus and even in jeepneys you can witness how "UNGENTLEMANLY' men can be. For example, whenever I am riding a bus and it's full men WON'T offer you seats. Even elderly women nor pregnant women are not exempted. They either ignore you or pretend to be sleeping. Some may even put on their headsets and kick up the volume of what they are listening too.

I often wear skirts during training and it's hard standing up in public transports. There was one time that I got intercepted by a very selfish guy. He even looked at me, I wanna punch his face so hard. I was about to sit when he pushed me and sat down. How rude are some people. He keeps on peaking trying to look my way. The nerve!

ASS HOLE! That is what he is! I just can't stop cursing, pardon my french but am really mad. Am so pissed out and if am not civilized I might have punched his face. I really feel so violated, well my rights as a woman actually. Women are supposed to be taken care off, understood and must be given importance. In this case, I realized that comfort comes first and then respect.
I know that a lot of you can relate with me. Women are fragile, men should keep that in mind. We don't have strong legs to stand for hours in a moving vehicle. Men should be more understanding and considerate about women. Maybe they should look at it as if their mother or sister is that woman standing next to them. The world really changed a lot, men doesn't know the word respect anymore. Where was the days when men gave what for us?

Thank you so much loves for reading. God bless all of you.

Stay fab!

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