Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A More Achievable Wishlist Part II

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Here is the second part of my wishlist.

This is the second wave of my wishlist. I know that I have posted a wishlist just the other night but I have forgotten to put some on my first list. Here goes the second batch of my wishlist. I hope that you'll enjoy reading this.

The first item on this list is a pair of red pumps. I have black and cream pumps already and I would want to add one more. I have been loving the brand Venus because the shoes that they carry are affordable and fab as well.

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The second item on my list is a maxi dress. I have seen a lot of celebrities and girls wearing this and it looks comfortable. I know that I am a petite girl but it looks very flowy and lovely. I can definitely wear this for church which is a plus.

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I want to have a stud frenzy. I found an online shop that sells studs in many shapes and sizes. I have been seeing studs and spikes everywhere and buying such clothing items are quite expensive and since I love tinkering and DIY and of course saving, I would want to just do it myself. I enjoy making things on my own and this will be such a great project.

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I would want to die my hair blonde. I know that I have dyed my hair a million times before but this time it is final. I want to go blonde. Yes people, blonde, but not bleach blonde because that will be quite a drastic change. Miley Cyrus sported this color and that is the same shade that I would want to have.

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I would also want to own light brown or blonde hair extensions so that I could do different styles with my hair. I have been using hair extensions for almost 2 years now but since I have been constant in changing my hair color my hair extensions doesn't blend with the color of my hair.

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I would want to own a brush set and I found a show in 168 Divisoria Mall. There is a brush set there that is less than P 2,000 which is an amazing deal. I had the chance to try them out and they have good quality bristles. I am so excited to have my own complete brush set.

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Having this much brushes needs awesome containers. I saw gurus have their own DIY brush holders and it would be fun to make mine. These are vases or glasses filled with beads to keep the brushes upright.

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Next is a canopy that I will put over my future sofa bed. It looks so delicate and it will really make me feel like a princess. I sure hope that my cats won't pull or tug it.

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This is another plan for my room. I would want to have a photo wall. May it be photos shaped as a heart or a string with hanging photos on it. I just love taking pictures and having them showcased on my wall will be pretty darn amazing.

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I would also wish for my cats' good health. I would want to provide budget to keep them healthy. They need regular check-ups to see what's going on with their bodies. I would want to buy them more food, vitamins and toys too. I just love my cats that is why I would want them to have a healthy and fun life.

(from left to right: Coco, Thor, Cake, Finn, Jake and Jackie)

I would also want to purchase another litter box for my kitties. It seems like they aren't contented with their litter room that I would want to add another litter box.

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I would also want to purchase a vertical scratching post for my cats. They have been scratching our furniture like crazy. I would want to purchase at least 3 scratching post and place it in random spots at home so that they will avoid scratching the furniture.

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I had fun listing down my wishes and I hope that you enjoyed reading this. Thank you so much loves, God bless all of you.

Stay fab!


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog :)
    I'm glad to have you among my followers!

    xoxo Nancy S.

  2. Beautiful and very stylish photography. How do I love collar with spikes.


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