Tuesday, January 15, 2013

A More Achievable Wishlist Part I

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This is another wishlist but I know that this will be a more achievable list than my past wishlist.

This is yet another wishlist but since it's a whole new year, new items will be posted here. I know that this time the items listed and or wishes are very much attainable for the humble little me. First of all, I just want to say that it's free to dream so no matter what you wish or aim for, strive hard to achieve it. With a little elbow grease and perseverance you will surely get what you want.

Let me start off this wishlist with my first goal. It is to find a job and actually work in that company for many years. I know that I have been into the BPO industry last year but wasn't able to last long. I promise to set goals, expectations and learn to be more responsible and be able to manage my time and priorities straight. I will definitely work hard to achieve this goal!

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Here is the awesome part, the products that I would want to purchase. I have been dreaming of a huge makeup collection and I would want quality products to be added to my future collection. I would also want an awesome organizer or container to arrange all of it in.

The first item on my wishlist for 2013 is one of my greatest wish ever. It is to have even just one of the amazing MAC lipsticks. It may come from any of their collections. Any suggestions on the color loves? That will be such a great help when I am about to purchase.

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Next has been on my wishlist for years now. I have been dying to have the Urban Decay Primer Potion because I have seen a lot of gurus and bloggers raving about it. I would want to experience what they have and be able to share my insights on it too. It has a purple bottle so that is also a plus because as you all know I love purple.

I would also love to jump into the bandwagon of the OPI nail polish love. I have seen these awesome nail polishes at Watson's when I was at SM Mall of Asia. I love the shades and I have been hearing great reviews on the product. They have a huge array of colors and collections. I want to try a couple of colors of this awesome brand.

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I found a shop that sells the wedges that I want to have. It is the same shop were I bought my cream and black pumps. They are selling these for P 800 which is so much cheaper than what I see from online shops. It has the same quality and it looks great. They have a wide array of colors too. I would want to have it in red, yellow and cream.

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I have been buying a whole lot of bangles and bracelets and I don't have anything to put them in properly. I would want to see them arranged per color. I would want them to be displayed beautifully. I found this rack on shops and I would want to have this too.

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This has been a major dream of mine, to have a sofa bed. My bed now is super uncomfortable and since my room is quite small a sofa bed is a perfect fit. It is small enough to be in my room and will also be a comfortable bed for me to sleep in. May it be in the color purple or red, as long as it ties in with my room's color scheme.

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I saw this awesome dress at MuraDito when I was roaming around 168 Divisoria Mall.I was supposed to buy it but it's too revealing for church so I chose the another dress for my new year mass outfit. This is such a great dress because it will accentuate the bust area and it will make your hips appear fuller. I have seen a lot of celebrities pulling off this look and I would want to try it myself. Will it fit me well?

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I was told that floral prints will be in this year so I would want to add some in my wardrobe. A pair of floral shorts and pants will be okay. I already have floral skirts so I don't need to add more.

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That is pretty much all of the items that are on my wishlist, well some of it actually. I will be posting the second part soon. I really hope that this year will be a good year and that I'll be able to achieve all of my goals. Thank you so much for reading loves, God bless all of you.

Stay fab!


  1. Great selection :)
    I'm your new follower. Would you like to follow each other?


    xoxo Nancy S.

    1. thank you.
      that is so sweet,
      i will follow your blog too.

  2. Awesome! I hope floral will be in this year. It's my favorite.

    1. i sure hope so,
      floral prints have been a part
      of a fashion forecast that i've
      seen on tv.

  3. May I know the shop's name that sells wedges? P800 is a steal, dear.



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