Saturday, December 29, 2012

Jackie Gave Birth

The doctor advised that she should be in a cage with a cone and taped paws :(

Our older cat gave birth through Caesarian section because she had trouble pushing the babies out. Sadly, 3 of the four kittens died because they had infection. One baby lived and he is in an improvised incubator to keep his bones strong. Jackie doesn't want her baby, she doesn't even feed him. It is a good thing that there is a milk substitute for him. I feed him manually. He has been a strong kitten and is fighting for his life.

Here is the baby in his incubator.

I am hoping that both of them will live healthily. I have been keeping an eye on both of them. I didn't even sleep much last night to look after both of them. I need your prayers loves, it will be a huge help.

I just can't stand watching Jackie with her cone but I have to. It will stop her from biting her stitches. The taped paws are to prevent her from scratching the wounds as well. I just hope that she heals fast.

Thank you so much for reading, God bless all of you.

Stay fab!


  1. Omg. I hope the kitten survives. :( I've adopted a lot of kittens left by their mothers outside our house and they ended up dead. T_T I don't know where I could find milk substitute. I heard that you have to use the appropriate milk for them. :(

    1. the doctor prescribed
      a milk substitute for him.
      but a friend told me, a breeder,
      that bear brand is ok for newborn kittens.
      i really hope they both survive.
      thanks dear for the concern.

  2. i'm sorry the kittens died :( i hope this one will survive.. and that your older cat will be fine too.. <3 makes me sad reading this :(

    x robin

    1. they are both doing great
      today and thanks for the
      love and concern.


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