Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Yes or No: My Favorite Scenes

I am officially hooked!

(image from Google)

I would want to share with you my favorite scenes from the movie. I know that I watched it just the other day but I have been doing it over and over. It really inspires me a lot and makes me want to fall in love all over again. I know that it is quite an old film but it was new to me. I am obsessed!

This scene was when it was raining so hard and the power went off. Kim is afraid of silence and the dark. She  immediately jumped to Pie in fear.

(credits to YouTube for the clip)

This is at the bridge near Aunt In's cafe. Kim held Pie's hand.

(credits to YouTube for the clip)

The next scene that I love is when Kim asked Pie to accompany her for a project. They were at the park. Kim offered Pie sandwiches but she prefers sweets instead. She handed over a lollipop and asked if Pie could share it with her.

(credits to YouTube for the clip)

The next scene is when Pie found Kim soaking wet inside a telephone booth holding a slice of cake for her. That was when Pie realized that she liked Kim. (that is what I suppose). Pie embraced Kim and it was magical.

(credits to YouTube for the clip)

Next is when Pie was drying Kim's hair. It was the sweetest gesture ever.

(credits to YouTube for the clip)

Here is their first kiss. It reminded me of my first lesbian kiss. Here it goes again, it's magical.

(credits to YouTube for the clip)

Lastly is when Pie went to where Kim was after the first obstacle of their relationship. This is the part when I cried a lot.

(credits to YouTube for the clip)

These are the scenes that I love the most in the movie. You should definitely watch it. It is worth it. Thank you so much for reading loves. God bless!

Stay fab!


  1. This movie seems interesting. I actually saw this on youtube before but idk I forgot to watch it. XD


  2. I am so gonna watch this. I'm on the same boat. ;)


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