Monday, November 26, 2012

Thrift Store and Japan Home Center Haul

(another unplanned shopping trip. pft.)

I sent out the giveaway price to Ms. Leah just this afternoon. After my stop at JRS Express, I saw the thrift store next to it and they were having a sale on everything. And then I went to Japan Home Center to buy hangers for my pants and clothes but then stopped buy two stalls to purchase random things. I couldn't resist the temptation of buying. This is yet another one of my unplanned haul posts. I hate this weakness of mine.

The first stop that I went to in my unplanned shopping escapade is the thrift store next to JRS Express, I forgot to take note of the name. They were having a sale on tops for P 80 each so I hoarded a lot! I bought a total of 8 tops which cost P 640 all in all. I had sweaters, tops and vests just because they were so nice. I chose a lot of colors because the closet needs more life.

Here are the items that I bought. The details of the clothes will be underneath the photo. Sorry also for the poor quality of some pictures, if they are too blurred I apologize. The first one is this sweater with stars. I just love stars and when I saw this I grabbed it right away. I won't let this slip away. For the price of it, it is more than worth it.

(I will be removing the beads in the neckline, I hate them)

Next is this cardigan with stars all over it. I never had a cardigan this thick so I bought it. It has stars on it too that is why it was added to my cart. The colors of the stars reminded me of the US flag.

I have always wanted something with red, blue and white stripes so when I saw this I took it. It is by Burberry and for P 80 it is such a steal. It is thick enough to keep me warm but not that thick to make me feel so hot. The fabric is so soft too that is why I like it.

I wanted to have a tank top with a huge print on it. Since I was at the thrift store, I went ahead and looked for one. I saw this but the print isn't really appropriate for me but I like in nonetheless. It has three (3) bottles of beer but it doesn't really bother me at all, I just like the way the arm holes are and how soft the fabric is.

I am not sure if this is still in trend right now but I have always wanted to have something with crazy shoulder pad or designs. I saw this top and it is so amazing! I don't know why it is still there because it is fabulous and for P 80 it is definitely a great buy. I saw Vice Ganda sport this similar top and it looked good on him. I hope that I will give justice to this too.

(it is by the brand Fancy, sorry for this photo)

This next item is just for fun. I would want to add manly items on my closet just for fun. I think this is called a sweater vest. It is in pink so it is still quite feminine and I found it on the ladies' rack. I love how vibrant the color is and I love the combination of the colors.

(the brand is Stocket)

This is another sweater vest but it has a sleeveless polo inside. It is gray with a light blue top inside. I also found this on the ladies' rack so it is also sold for P 80.

This last item was a wild card actually. I never had any sheer jacket or cover up so I bought it. I am not sure what to pair with it but it is in pink so I had to buy it. I just love the sheer material of it and how it is sporty and girly at the same time. Can you help me think of an outfit to wear with this?

My next stop was the amazing Japan Home Center where I bought a lot of plastic hangers for my clothes. I also bought six (6) metal hangers with clips for my pants to keep them organized. And the last item that I purchased there was a pink collar for my cat.

On my way out, I stopped by a stall where I bought two (2) pairs of earrings. I already wore them so I wasn't able to take a photo of them. Lastly was a shoe stall where I bought a pair of dupes for Toms. I love the colors that is why I bought it. It was for P 250 and the owner of the stall was so nice.

That was everything that I bought for today. I spent P 1,500 for everything that I bought. I am not officially bankrupt so to speak. Still I had fun browsing through the clothes at the thrift store because I missed going there.

Thank you so much loves for reading my post again, God bless all of you.

Stay fab!


  1. awesome finds muffin! the sweater with stars is so adorable! =D

    1. ikr !
      i saw something similar to it
      at Forever 21 which is almost
      5x the price .

  2. Teehee. i also love thrift stores! <3

    1. ikr.
      i just love how trendy
      the item in there.
      for a fraction of the original price!


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