Thursday, November 29, 2012

OOTD: Running Errands

(sorry for the poor quality, I used my phone for taking the pictures)

This is a quick OOTD post for you. I ran errands today, well actually I just bought cat food. (giggles) This is what I wore when I went to Central Mall in Salitran. I bought cat food at the Japan Home Center because it has everything! They were P 66 for 2 cans which is such a great deal, the brand is Friskies, because I got tons of food. I used up 2 cans only and it was too much for my cats. I bought 4 cans for P 132, amazing.

I was wearing my awesome beer tank top that I bought from the thrift store and paired it with my DIY shorts from Natasha. I brought my black Secosana bag so that I can bring my phone, lip balm and wallet it. For the accessories, I just wore my mum's bead bracelets that looked cute together. I love the red one because it has a rose threaded with the beads, it's so pretty. For my footwear, which isn't shown here, I wore my Banana Peel flipflops that is white with black polka dots. (poor flipflops, the print has faded already)

That is it for my OOTD, I can't even remember the last time that I posted one like this. I will do my best to do OOTD posts from this day forth. Thank you so much loves, God bless you.

Stay fab!


  1. Hi Keyti! Thank you for dropping by my blog! :> Feel so flattered. :) Followed you through GFC cos I find your blog really exciting and entertaining! :) More power on your blog!


  2. Cute Outfit!
    I would appreciate it if you take some time out and visit my blog

  3. love the top! thanks for visiting my blog dear, followed you now, hope you'll follow back. thank you :)

    1. thank you so much dear,
      already returned the favor.


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