Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Missing Bebi

It has been months since he died. I am missing him so much. Bebi, my ever loving cat. It was my fault, I was too neglectful of his needs. He even slept next to me before he died. It is like he wanted to make me feel how much he loves me. I never thought that it would be our last night together.

As I browse through his photos, my eyes started welling up. Tears began to fall when I continued viewing his photos. His precious face was priceless. He was the best cat anyone could ever have. I would be able to spend Christmas and New Year with him anymore. I missed him so much. I miss the way he grabs my hand and bites it. I miss the way he licks my face unintentionally. I miss the way he meows and how his bell rings when he run. I miss everything about him.

I get too attached to a lot of things, even people. Bebi wasn't an exception. He was my first pet. He was my baby. He is my Bebi. I became an instant mum when he came into our lives. I should have taken better care of him. If I could have just insisted on bringing him to the vet he would not have died. It's all my fault.

Sorry Bebi for the times that I have neglected you. I sure wish that you will always be there for me. May you be my guardian angel. I can still feel your presence. I can still feel you playing in my room. I can hear you meow and hear your bell ring. I miss you Bebi, I really miss you.

Sorry for another emotional post loves, it has been such a stressful day. Still I thank you for being so understanding. Thanks loves. God bless and stay fab!


  1. aw,it's sad to hear having one of your pets died :(
    btw,dear how many cats do you have?
    I'm sure you've got lots of them right>?

    1. i have five cats now .
      still nothing compares to
      the love that Bebi gave to us .
      he is precious .


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