Thursday, November 15, 2012

I Will Miss You Guys, My HSA Family

I just lost my job, unintentionally, but I did. I had a lot of tardiness issues because I don't know how to prioritize things. I regret everything. I will miss my wave mates and especially Chei, my sister.

I have learned a lot and shared a lot but I have to face the consequences. I was tardy for the wrong reasons. I really should practice the right way of prioritizing what should come first. I am an adult, I should be more responsible. I hope that this will really wake me up and be better the next time around.

It happened last night at the office.

"Keyti can I talk to you", said Ms. Elsa, our trainer.

I then followed her to a separate room near our classroom. I knew what we will be talking about, I was late yesterday.

"Do you know your standing now Keyti?", she then asked.

"I am up for termination because of my tardiness", I answered.

My eyes are welling up but I did everything to stop myself from crying. I knew that this will happen, it was all my fault.

"I will be asking you to resign because I don't want you to receive a termination letter. You deserve better. You are so intelligent, asking intelligent questions and answering intelligent answers. I want you to go back here, after a few months and improve. You are one of those people who can be a trainer or a team manager. Keyti, don't waste your intelligence. But please don't tell anyone."

I was moved, I know that I will be out of the program, but the things that she said made me realize my potential. I will be better, I should be better.

I may have lost something dear to me but this is not the end. I was given another chance, to improve and to prove myself. This is just the beginning of my journey to success. Lord, thank you for this opportunity!

Stay fab!

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