Tuesday, November 27, 2012

How Can I Organize My Clothes?

These are the clothes that I have on my clothes' rack. It's super messy.

This is the situation of my clothes' rack. I have arranged it by color but whenever we have our clothes pressed the lady will then place my clothes in random spots. I can't get my clothes to look neat. I wish to have them neatly organized without anyone ruining it.

These are the hangers that I am using for my clothes. I love how it keeps the shape of my tops. It does not leave any weird marks on the shoulder area. Sadly, I don't have enough of this hangers and I have no idea where to buy them. My mum had her friend buy them for me. I will scour Divisoria to search for these hangers.
(image from Google)

I bought a bunch of black plastic hangers for my other tops. My closet is about to burst because of the clothes that I have. I really need a bigger space for my clothes. I am really wanting to have something to organize my clothes and to keep them from being crumpled. I want everything to be neat and organized but am not able to achieve it.

(image from Google)

This is what I want to have for my room. It is a shelf and a clothes' rack in one. I put my accessories on top and then my clothes on the rack. This will also save space in my room since it has a small area. I wish that my cats won't jump at it when everything is installed. I would have to search for a sturdy wall-mounted shelving/rack like this.

(image from Google)

Someone told me that I will find such items at 999 Mall in Divisoria. I will go there next year after I have saved enough money. I will be buying a canopy and sofa bed as well. I want my room to be organized, I hope that I will be able to achieve all of this.

Thank you so much for reading loves, God bless you.

Stay fab!


  1. The story of my life hobey!!!;) still haven't figured it out!:)

  2. i love the shelf and rack idea :)


  3. I always have to much clothes, no matter how I organize them:-) Impressive blog!
    Check mine and let me know if you would like to follow each other:-)

    Check my new post

    1. thank you so much dear.
      it is hard to organize if people
      keep on ruining it.
      my cats pull my clothes too.

  4. Let me know if you find a solution because i really need help withthe organization in my closet too. its about to explode like yours, lol.


    1. i will definitely let you know
      when i find a solution.
      this is such a huge problem
      for us girls.

  5. Hello hun, nice blog.
    Would you like to follow each other?
    Let me know what you think.


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