Sunday, November 4, 2012

HSA Family: Halloween Fun

Happy Sunday!

Halloween has passed and I had a great time celebrating it with my nephews and wave mates  I had the chance to dress up and be a Cosplayer for a day. I love dressing up and this year's Halloween gave me the chance to kick it up a notch. Although I wasn't able to join the judging, still I had fun playing around with my costume.

(this was my costume after the class, I wasn't able to take a photo of my complete costume)

The wig was P 250 that I bought along Divisoria and it has a good quality for a Class A wig. The dress is from Twins Closet that I bought last year. The shoes that I had was for P 450 at a random shop inside 168 Divisoria Mall. For my glove (which I wasn't able to have a photo of) is P 80 and my teal legging is P 250 at Kat's Shop in 168 Divisoria Mall also. And I had the top hat for years now, all I did was revamp it to look like Mio's. I spent almost P 1,000 for my whole costume and it turned out the way I wanted it to be.

(this is me and my friend Chei)

At lunch, our trainer, Ms. Elsa, bought food and we all shared it. We had fun talking and having the best day ever. Although we were exhausted finishing decorations for our room, we still had the time to laugh and be chill. We won 4th place and that is not bad at all for something that we just did for almost 3 days.

(Bianca, Me and Chei while working on our decorations)

(after lunch)

I even went trick or treating with my nephews. To my surprise, my nephew Bimby, won the costume party and I was so proud of him. I was teary eyed when they called his attention. I dressed him up as Inuyasha and a lot of people like his costume. He was the cutest Inuyasha there.

(CJ as Ichigo, Bimby as Inuyasha and Vince as Detective Conan)

It was a blast! I am so looking forward to the next Halloween event at work. My next project is the Prom Night theme for our Christmas party on December 8. I am so looking forward to that!

Thank you so much for reading loves. Stay fab!

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