Monday, October 8, 2012

Veterinarian for the Night

I saw this poor kitten just outside our house and she was crying like crazy. I took her home to see if she was hungry but then saw something that made me reminisce of the past. She has a lot of fly eggs on her fur and there was a clump of it on her nape . I gave her milk but she refused to drink it and she sounded like she was in pain. I brushed the clump of fur on her nape and then saw a deep wound. Maggots were living in her skin, literally inside her skin.

(this is a photo of the kitten after I have given her a bath)

I texted my cats' veterinarian for advice on what I should do and then went on with helping the poor kitten. First I put on surgical gloves to prevent myself from parasite infestation, then I located the wound and used a surgical tweezers to pull the maggots out one by one and put them on a container with alcohol. After completely emptying the first hole I then spotted another one and did the same. I brushed off any excess eggs on her fur and shaved off some of the clumped eggs on her skin.

(I had to blur out her wound because it is huge)

I was crying hearing her cry in pain it's like my hard is being shattered seeing her suffer. I know that she is not mine and that I just got her off the streets but just the feeling of seeing her like that breaks my heart. She has the prettiest orange color with white boots, she was adorable. I did everything that I could to help this poor kitten and I hope that it was more than enough to keep her alive.

After the sensitive mini operation that I did, I put Betadine on her wound for it to heal. She is eating now and is sleeping well. I wish that what I did will help her live and be healthy. I feel very relieved that I was able to help a kitten out. I know that my mum and dad will be mad at me if I keep her but she needed me and I was so glad that I was there to take care of her. I hope that she will be well, God is good.

Tomorrow I will buy Hydrogen Peroxide and Magonex just like what the veterinarian Doctor Mary Grace advised me. She said that it will help the kitten heal faster. I hope that after my job interview she is still alive, I just pray that she will be okay. I am still observing her and hoping that everything will be okay.

Thank you so much for reading this post loves, please pray for Tangerine (I just thought of the name just now). I hope that she will live and be a healthy kitten just like my cats. Stay fab!


  1. Oh my sweetheart, you are amazing. I just adore you for this. <3 keep us updated?

    1. thank you so much .
      i just adore cats and seeing
      the poor kitten alone outside
      broke my heart so i took her in .

  2. This post got me teary-eyed. If I could just adopt all the stray cats out there, I would. It's so nice of you to take care of him. The idea that he got maggots all over his neck is so heart-breaking.

    1. i love cats and having to save this poor kitten gave me joy.



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