Saturday, October 27, 2012

Final Halloween Costume

I remembered posting about what costumes will I be wearing on Halloween. I believe that I posted about being the Black Swan and Miley Cyrus. I am training at ACS of the Philippines, Inc. for HSA and the theme for this year's Halloween is Anime University.

(image from Google)

Each team is given a specific anime to focus on. For our team, the anime chosen for us is Dragon Ball Z and we were informed just now. Sadly, the costume that I was preparing for is far from the assigned anime. I chose Mio Akiyama from K-On! as my Halloween costume. I asked my trainer if it's ok to dress up as a different character and she said yes. I was relieved.

Basically, what you need to achieve Mio's performance look is a black dress, teal/torquoise stockings, a black top hat, a teal and black striped glove, black shoes and long black hair with full bangs. I will be buying the glove, shoes and wig tomorrow. I am so glad that the dress that I bought last year was close to what she is wearing, I just need a black ribbon for a belt and the dress is complete.

I am so excited for this because it will be my first time to portray an anime character. I hope that I will be able to give Mio Akiyama justice. I was thinking of putting contact lenses on but am not yet sure, can you help me decide?

Thank you so much for reading my randomness loves. What costume will you have for Halloween? Let me know okay? Thanks and stay fab !


  1. Goodluck to your costume! She looks cute.

    ~ Sweetstrings

  2. Good luck! I'm sure you'll make a good Mio Akiyama :)


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