Saturday, October 20, 2012

Family Cats

I love cats and surprisingly so is my family. We had one cat before and his name is Bebi. Then I fostered Jackie along with Finn and Jake. We were happy having all of them. Sadly, Bebi, my favorite cat, died last July. I missed him so much because he was my first pet and I loved him a lot. We were devastated when he died but we had to move on.





I found Cake when I was still working at Teletech Roxas. My cousin and I when we were on our way home. I took her home because she was a stray. We then adopted Coco who is originally owned by my brother's friend. She was constantly going to our house to eat. After a few nights of doing that my brother and I then decided to adopt her.

Cake and Coco

A few weeks ago, I rescued a kitten. I named him Thor and the story behind it is in this post. He is our 6th cat and he is the cutest thing ever.


We never thought that we'll love cats this much and it is all because Bebi. In memory of him, I fostered stray cats because I know that he'll love to see us happy. Fostering cats gives me joy and contentment. The mere fact that I helped them be healthy and alive is great.

I have been a mother, a nurse, a doctor and a friend to these cats. I learned a lot by just taking care of them. I feel very satisfied just knowing that they are breathing. I treat them as gifts from God. They are our stress relievers and they are like my babies.

Thank you so much for reading this loves, stay fab!

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