Thursday, September 6, 2012

Plans for my Room

I have been rearranging my room for ages but I can't seem to make up my mind on what look I would want to achieve but ever since I fell in love with everything vintage I would to incorporate it with what I have in my room. I have randomly searched the internet for item that would want to have in my room. My room is a small square space and I would want to make it look like a boutique but that would mean that I should maximize the space also so that it won't look like I only have a small space. I know that I have posted something like this before but this time I have really made up my mind on how I would want my room to really look like.

(this has almost the same space that I have and I am so jealous of how organized this room is)

The first thing that I would want to add to my room is a vintage oval mirror. I would want to wake up every morning and see myself in a beautiful mirror which reminds me of Snow White, I am a fairy tale addict and I would want to feel like a princess and having this mirror will add up to my dream of being a princess.

(I also love this quotation which added up to the beauty of the mirror itself)

I would want to paint my study table a different color but am not quite sure what it will be. The study table that I have is the biggest item that I have in my room. It takes up a lot of space so I would want to use the storage space of it to put all of my knick knacks and accessories in. I would also want to purchase jewelry holders and pretty boxes for my other stuff so that it will look organized. I want my study table to be the main storage unit that I will have because it takes up a lot of space.

(I wish I could make my study table look this organized)

I would want to have a more stable clothes' rack because what I have in my room is a rolling rack and is a week kind, I would want to replace that with a more sturdy rack to hold all of my clothes. I have been obsessing with shopping at 168 Divisoria Mall so I have more clothes than before. I would paint it but am not also sure on what color it should be, but as long as it holds my clothes well I am happy. I would also love to have a half body mannequin in my room so that I can plan my outfit ahead of time and having a mannequin will really give my room a boutique-ish vibe to it.

(this is what I would want my room to look like, it is vintage and chic)

My shoes are a mess that is why having a shoe rack in my room will help me organize. It will be nice if it can also serve as a rack for my flip flops and any other things. This will also serve as a storage unit for all of the other items that I have hanging around, I just want my room to be organized.

(this is an awesome storage unit and it can hold up a lot of shoes)

Andrea of AndreasChoice uploaded a DIY using wicker baskets as storage units. It was a lovely way of using things hanging around the house for storage. She hung it on the wall, I can also hang in on the side of my closet so that I can have boxes to put in books, magazines and others.

(of course the wicker baskets that I will use won't have lids)

My parents are looking for the perfect sofa bed for me because my old bed is hurting my back and is too huge for my room. I want a sofa bed because it will fit well in my room and it will not take that much space. I can always fold it up whenever I am not using it and I can flip it open again when I will be sleeping. It is dual purpose and that is one thing that I would want to add to my room.

(I love this design but I want a simpler sofa bed than this)

I love lace and anything vintage so having lace curtain will really add up to the overall look that I am aiming for. It adds femininity, although it will be hard to wash afterwards still I would love to have some curtains up in my room.

(nothing says vintage like lace)

I would also love to have a canopy/curtains hanging over my sofa bed to add up to my princess vintage themed room. I love seeing canopies hanging over beds because it adds a subtle feel and elegance to a simple sofa bed, which in my case is what I will be having. I also found a DIY on how to put on over a bed with simple tools and items which is AWESOME!

(I love this canopy, it is simple but it still looks elegant)

That is pretty much all of the items that I would want to have inside my room. I sure hope that I will be able to find these items for my room. Having my room arranged the way that I want it to be will be the greatest achievement ever and it will really make me happy.

Thank you so much for reading this post, stay fab!


  1. WOW you're room would be so cute Keyti!

    1. i really hope so dear ,
      i am taking baby steps now .
      i've had my room painted lavander .


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