Friday, September 7, 2012

Petit Darling Nails Matte #11 Review

I know that I just posted a haul about this and I promised that I will post a photo when I use the product and here it is, I will also be doing a review about this nail polish.

To start of I just love going to Etude House because of the pink motif of the store and it is so appealing to the eyes. The shop attendants of the store are very jolly and accommodating. The shop is fit for a princess and I love every intricate details and items that are used to decorate the whole shop. I am also into K-Pop also so seeing Sandara Park as their main model is also a plus.

On with the nail polish review about this adorable nail polish.

What I Like About it:

     - the packaging is gorgeous (it looks like it was made for a princess)
     - it glides on smoothly
     - it is affordable
     - really matte
     - dries quickly when you put it on

(this is what the bottle looks like when it is opened)

What I Don't Like About it:

     - it needs three coats of polish to have good coverage
     - it dries in the bottle so quickly (have to shake it for quite a while before I use it)



(this is how it looks on my nails although it looks blue it is really lavander and sorry for my ugly hand)

Despite the downside of this polish I would want to purchase it in another color maybe. I just adore the packaging and how it glides on to my nails and I can say that Etude House sells products that are not just adorable but also has good quality.

That is it for my review, thank you so much for reading and stay fab!


  1. this is so true!!!!!!!!I love Etude House too
    what I don't like about their nail polishes is that it really need several application about the coating
    I have color blue and pink

    1. ikr , but they have good quality products .
      i so love the packaging also ,
      although it takes time to have a solid coat
      the colors that they have are to die for .

  2. OMG! I love Etude House too not because of Dara (LOL) but because i just love all there girl and cute!

    What i love about their nailpolish quickly dry. You don't need to wait for ages or to place your fingers in front of the fan coz it just dry after a minute.


    1. you are definitely right !
      it easy to put on too .


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