Tuesday, September 25, 2012

I Wanna be Black Swan on Halloween

Halloween season is fast approaching and I have been planning costume ideas for days now. At first I was planning about what my nephews would wear and I have already decided on them, of course with their mother's consent. Halloween is such a great activity for kids because they get to play dress up, go trick or treating and then show off their costumes in contests. This year will be different because I will be very hands on with my nephews' costumes and I am so excited for it and I will be posting the details here soon

Since my nephews are joining a Halloween costume contest, I might as well join in because they also have contests for ages 20 years and up. I have been searching YouTube for ideas and then I found what I would want to be on Halloween. I never thought that I am looking forward to Halloween because I am not really that type of person but I actually am excited for it to come. Weird.

(image from creativefan.com)

I decided to be the Black Swan on Halloween because it is creepy yet chic at the same time because she is a ballerina and I have always wanted to be a ballerina so that also adds to the idea. I know that it is not the latest costume but still I wanted to be able to replicate her. The costume will be easy to do because I now have a sewing machine that my dad bought me. (I was surprised because I wasn't really expecting him to buy me one) I also found a makeup tutorial on how to look like Black Swan and they are a lot of videos about it but I chose the one that Ms. Jessica Harlow did.

Here is the makeup tutorial for Black Swan.

I also found an awesome tutorial on how to make her costume and the the crown that she was wearing. I found this duo's site on YouTube and I adore their DIY crafts, they are very talented. They are TheSorryGirls and I just started to subscribe on their channel because I am learning a lot from them.

This is their video on how to make the costume.

And this is the video on how to make her crown.

I am so looking forward to the Halloween season, how about you loves? What Halloween costume will you be sporting this year? Let me know and let's share ideas.

Thank you so much for reading my post loves, stay fab!


  1. nice choice :)) love black swan too :) <3

    1. thanks dear ,
      i think it's gonna be an
      exciting halloween for me .

  2. super love it! I love Black Swan!
    I even tried her make-up in one of my ballet performances! hihi :)
    anyway, i hope you could visit my blog too and follow! :)

    Raellarina- The Ballerina on Fire


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