Saturday, September 8, 2012

Fourth Divisoria Haul

(credits to: for this photo :D)

This is my fourth haul from the amazing 168 Divisoria Mall and this is a collective haul from random days when I was there. Thanks to the haggling skills of my girlfriend for the discounts that I got.

The first item  was from Merry Mix where I bought a midriff off-white top with floral details. It was sold for P280 but we were able to buy it for P250 which was awesome. I love the floral details on it especially the colors, the design was Sakura flowers which is really nice and I love Sakura so much. I would pair it with a maxi skirt or a black tank top underneath with shorts on, I am excited to actually wear it.

I also bought two high-waisted pants from a shop near the foodcourt which were sold for P300 each. I first bought a pair of black pants way back and then went back to the mall a week after to buy the same pair of pants but in a brown color. I love the buttons in front and how it cinches my waist. The pockets of the pants are placed lower than normal which is cool. I also love how well it fits my lower body which makes me look slimmer.

(sorry for the stains on the brown one, am not sure what happened to it because my mum was the one who washed it)

(forgive me for having a messy bed XD)

We also stopped by a shop that are sells class A Abercrombie & Fitch and Aeropostale shirts. I saw this cool blue shirt by Aeropostale and since I don't have that much blue in my closet I bought it. The price of the shirts there are fixed at P150 but it really is worth it. The fabric of the shirt is soft and the print is phenomenal. I would go back there and purchase more because I love the prints that their shirts have.

(say hello to Cake, she won't leave so I just included her in the shot :D)

That was pretty much all of the items that I bought at 168 Divisoria Mall and am still looking forward to another shopping spree in the coming weeks. Thank you for reading my post, stay fab!


  1. great haul muffin, i love the Aeropostale tee!
    love your new layout muffin, it's so much cuter! =D

    1. thank you so much muffin ,
      i also love it because it is more me .
      vintage and it's purple .
      ehehehe .

      i adore the tee that is why i bought it right away .


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