Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Divisoria Haul Wave 5

My girlfriend and I were at 168 Divisoria Mall again and I went shopping again , which wasn't really planned at all, but I had a great time because I spent it with her. We had quite an adventure together and I enjoyed every second of it. We even experienced walking on flooded roads but what the heck right.

While waiting for her to arrive, I went to Sakura to buy accessories. The first items that I bought were a bundle of bangles that are so fab. The two bundles that I bought were for P 100 each and it has six or more bangles which is amazing. I then looked at the next rack and saw these cool wrap bracelets with studs and they were P 90 each which was a steal, I had it in pink and blue. Then I moved to their connector rings and saw my dream ring which is the pumpkin carriage ring that I saw in one of Bethany's, of Macbarbie07, videos and I was so glad that I saw it there and it was for P 50 which is quite cheap for a connector ring but I like it that way. I spent a total of P 430 for all of my accessories, compaired to when we were at Forever 21 where I was able to buy just 2 items for almost the same cost.

And this is me in the ladies' room at 168 Divisoria Mall while waiting for Kheith.

My next stop was at The Pink Shop where I bought two shirts that has the v-neck and was surprised that it has pockets but I can always remove those. I bought a tangerine and a light blue colored tee for P 100 each. They were sold out of the type of shirts that I bought from my past hauls. The two shirts that I bought this time have thicker fabrics but are still comfortable.

(don't mind my messy bed, I just came home and dumped my shopping bag on it)

When Kheith arrived, we went to this shop which has no name so we decided to just call it ANONYMOUS just to buy random things. I saw these gorgeous cord bracelets that has a heart lock and key, I saw Melissa Ricks wearing one of these so I decided to buy them. They were sold for P 150 for both bracelets that really made me smile. The owner and her attendants are also friendly which is really great.

We also bought two pairs of Havaianas replicas for P 150 each. I chose the Havaianas Slim that has glow in the dark straps which is awesome. Kheith chose a pair of Jamaica Havaianas for male which is comfortable and it is also in black so it's like we have couple flip flops.

Next to that store was a P 50 store and I saw this cute tank top and I bought it right away. That shirt was so worth it because it is so chic and really really cute. It has this burnt fabric and is really comfortable that is why I bought it also. The print reminded me of me and my RoRoRoKa girls, because they are cute.

(aren't they cute? :3)

The last shop that we went to was another random gadget shop at the fourth level of the mall. I was looking for a pluggy/ear cap/dust stopper becaus I lost my purple one. I saw a cute purple bow that cost me P 100 which is fine with me. I also bought a screen protector for my phone because I don't want the screen to get more scratches that what it has now, it was for P 100. I was also convinced by the attendant to buy a screen protector for. our iPad at home which was a steal for P 100, both back and front.

(image from google.com.ph)

I had a great time shopping with my girlfriend and I know that she had fun too. We also ate at Mang Inasal and we were very full, I had 1 and a half rice and i felt very bloated.

We also went to Robinson's Supermarket to buy groceries. I bought a cologne and hair dye because I feel like coloring my hair soon. My girlfriend Kheith chose this light green blonde because she just wanted to see me in a different hair color. I hope that it will suit me well.

And here are photos of the rings that I bought for both of us. Sorry if it's a little blur, we were on the bus home.

Thank you so much for reading this blog entry loves, stay fab!


  1. I like this post so much: these pictures are so nicee!
    What about following each other? Cosa mi metto???
    Win a camouflage tee-shirt!

  2. thank you so much dear ,
    followed your blog .

  3. muffin, i really love the bracelets with a heart and key charms, sooo pretty!! =D i wanna go Divisoria now.

    1. PS: nice to know you two are doing ok now. hope it stays that way. <3

    2. ikr .
      i so adore the bracelets
      that is why i really looked for it .
      ehehe .

      thanks also for the concern muffin ,
      we are MORE than ok now .

  4. That pumpkin carriage ring looks so cute! Gusto ko din nyan!! I love Divisoria too <3 Great finds!


    1. thank you so much !
      i was so ecstatic when i saw it ,
      good thing i did .
      AHAHAHA !
      last two na kasi yung andun .

  5. I wish it was easy for me to go and hoard everything in Divisoria. I love the ring and the studded bracelets. And the thought you shopped even tho not planned surely made you happy! :) Nice new accessories Keyti! Oh myyyy, LOLANE is the radddest! I have been coloring my hair since but when this thing came out, I had to try it. My friend told me bout it and I have the same color with the one you got! But mine has been colored a lot of times before I covered it with that color. :) I'm sorry this is so long now, haha, Im so hungry lookin at Mang Inasal's... ughhh...at 230am :( thanks, enjoying again ur blog.




    1. i tried to color my hair today ,
      it didn't work .
      i guess i should bleach my hair first
      before putting this on .
      ahaha !

  6. Thank you for your comment on my blog dear!! I’m following you back!
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  7. The accessories you got are fabulous! Super sulit magshop talaga sa Divi/168. Online stores usually sell the same stuff at a higher price. :)

    By the way, new follower here! :)

    1. thanks so much dear ,
      kaya nga eh .
      it's better to buy in bulk din
      mas sulit but saka na yun
      when i have budget na .

  8. hi dear. :) love this post. i was just wondering, saang part sa 168 mall mo nabili yung bracelets? anong floor? i was looking for the same bracelets kasi kahapon pero yung katulad nung binili mo, 150php na. ang mahal ha. haha. naghahanap ako ng 80php na katulad nung sayo.


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